Meet Beth Beal

Beth is a creative funding specialist, who works hard to earn her clients’ trust.

A licensed Real Estate Agent with decades of investment and real estate experience, Beth and her company, B2 Solutions Group, meet the needs of time-sensitive transactions by specializing in small-to-medium balance debt opportunities. B2’s specialty is unconventional financing — the space where Beth’s expertise, local knowledge and attention to special circumstances produces outstanding results.

Having supported clients and brokering deals through the Great Recession, Beth can relate to investors who have a great need – immediate financing to bridge them over a gap.
From the beginning of her career, Beth has always been customer-focused. She was one of the top-producing Residential Mortgage Originators in the country. She also was the vice president and the first female shareholder of a high net-worth, privately-held bank in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Originally handling residential real estate, Beth decided to shift her focus to commercial real estate – both finance and sales.

Beth’s first bridge loan deal occurred when a colleague sought her advice on how to help his friend. She reviewed the work-out, offering options in lending to protect property owned by a family for decades. Her success in saving the property from a bank repossession led her to the niche market referred to as Bridge Lending.

The market segment has matured significantly since the Great Recession, allowing Beth to broker for more than just distressed situations. She has the ability to package Bridge Loans for transactions that have to close fast – something that that traditional lenders just cannot do.

Tenacious, detailed and determined, Beth and B2 Solutions Group are completely committed to clients and their needs. She handles all the details for her clients, delivering a full, clean package to lenders, and relief and peace of mind to her clients.
For instance, Beth needed a mortgage release from a CDC department within the City of Detroit. She had requested it for at least a month, yet, a few days before closing, she still didn’t have the release. Beth went to the office to speak to the person who needed to sign the document. That individual was in meetings all day, yet Beth didn’t give up. She refused to leave, and waited for six hours – and finally left with the signed document, proving she will do things most others will not.

When a fast turnaround is needed with a non-traditional lending transaction, Beth is ready to work diligently for investors and clients. With her industry experience and contacts, she will not leave a deal – or client – stranded. She knows exactly what is needed to get the job done, reducing the stress clients may experience during this process.

B2 provides financing for collateral-based situations (generally commercial) that require immediate funding of between $500,000 and $70 Million. We also work with banks and other lending institutions on work outs and note pool purchases and liquidation.

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